Why I love doing Voice-Overs

From the first time I walked into the booth I knew I would love doing voice overs. I love breaking down the copy, working with the producer to get the right read and figuring out the right voice tone to use for each piece. Whether it's for a fun dog food spot, an epic car commercial or a soft intimate moment about gastro-intestinal medication I love it all. :)

What Clients Have To Say

"Josh's smooth baritone and ability to take subtle direction while enticing our listeners is exactly why he booked this campaign" - Producer, National Car Campaign

"Let's do that take again, but put some mayonnaise on it. Great! Now open the door, but don't let me in. Nice! - Producer, Chase Sapphire (Yes these were actual directions and I loved them!)

"Why is there a picture of fish here?" - My Mother


Milk, Papa John's, Chase Sapphire, Royal Canin, Corona, 3M, NCL, Walmart, HULU, KitchenAid, Toyota, MD Lottery, Discover Card, Discovery Channel Shark Week, Hewlett Packard, Audio Books: Miracle in the Andes, Cockroach Cooties.